Add the expertDB Expert Profile Widget to your website or blog


We believe that expertDB is more than just a platform for engaging on consulting projects and calls. It is also an avenue for experts to significantly grow their professional brand!

To assist experts in this regard, we are rolling out the Expert Profile Widget. The widget is a simple plugin that may be added to your website or blog, thereby allowing potential clients to access your expertDB profile, and create a project should they be keen on using your expertise.

How does the profile widget work?
The expert profile widget is a simple container showcasing your profile photo, first name, hourly fee, and a button that directs users to your expert profile. An example of the profile widget is shown below.

expertDB Expert Profile Widget

The profile widget is generated by pasting a customized code segment into the source code of your website or blog. You may access your unique code segment via your expertDB dashboard. Once this is added to the relevant web page, your profile widget will be up and running in minutes!

Why is this important?
Your expert profile is the most critical part of the process of connecting you with interested clients. By providing an additional avenue for inviting potential clients to view your profile and consider hiring you for a project via expertDB, the profile widget boosts your discoverability, enabling you to develop your professional equity.

Do note that by installing the Expert Profile Widget, you automatically agree to expertDB’s Widget Terms & Conditions.

The expertDB Team.