Top Expert Showcase

Announcing Expert Profile Discovery & Showcase


We have gathered feedback from our expert users on how we can take expert profiles to the next level, and one common theme of requests stood out – discoverability!

Starting this week, we are super excited to roll out two key features to significantly improve the ability for clients to discover you for their needs: 1. summary public profiles and 2. our expert showcase.

Why is this important?
Your expert profile is the most critical part of the process of connecting you with interested clients and relevant projects. A profile with a detailed professional summary, work history, education and certifications is more likely to influence clients with relevant projects to initiate messaging and eventually hire you.

How do summary public profiles work?
Summary public profiles allow experts to be discovered through search via Google, Bing, etc… For instance, if a client searches for “product marketing expert”, or “consumer packaged goods consultant” and other relevant searches, a summary version of your and other relevant expertDB expert profiles can show up in search results over time. Boosting the discoverability of expert profiles to potential clients would allow experts to significantly grow their professional brand.

So what is, and is not, in a summary profile?
Summary profiles cover basic information while maintaining a level of privacy for the expert – an expert’s first name, picture, professional summary, country, industry, and skills tags would be the only items visible as shown in the image below. The expert’s last name, hourly fee, project reviews and ratings, and detailed work and education history would be hidden, and would not be visible to anyone except logged in expertDB clients whose projects match the expert’s listed expertise. See this example of a summary public profile below.

Summary Public Profile

Top experts showcase
In addition to the above, we are also allowing users to browse through an expert showcase that highlights some of the top experts for every industry featured on expertDB, and links to their summary public profiles. This showcase may be accessed via the Industries/Topics section present on the expertDB home page. Take a look at the sample showcase below.

Top Expert Showcase

What if I don’t want my profile public?
If you don’t want your profile searchable publicly or visible via the top expert showcase, go into your privacy settings to uncheck that option. Experts may adjust this setting at will to control the public availability of their summary expert profiles.

The expertDB Team.