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Earn your expertDB Expert Compliance Badge in 10 minutes!


At expertDB, we strive to provide our users with the best experience while completing consulting projects and calls. A pivotal component of this is ensuring that our network of independent experts follow strict industry compliance standards and give confidence to our clients that independent experts fully understand compliance rules around not sharing confidential information, anti-bribery laws etc..  as laid out in our terms of use. In a bid to build on this, expertDB is introducing the Expert Compliance Tutorial and Compliance Badge!

Expert users will now be able to take a quick 10 minute Compliance Tutorial via their Dashboard and Profile tabs. Upon completion, experts will get a Compliance Badge added to their profile that indicates they have read and completed the compliance tutorial. Many of our clients may require experts complete this tutorial and get the badge before issuing a hire offer to them.

What does the Compliance Tutorial include?

The Compliance Tutorial ensures that experts are aware of critical facets such as conflict of interest, handling confidential information and key compliance laws while working with Clients. It includes a short quiz to allow experts to evaluate if they fully comprehend the requirements expected of them.

Here’s a sneak peek!

Sneak Peek

How does it work?

For experts who have not completed the Tutorial, a grey badge would be visible on their public profile, and on their dashboard, as shown in the image below.

Compliance Tutorial - Incomplete

Once completed, however, experts would earn the expertDB Compliance Badge, visible as a yellow icon on their public profile, and on their dashboard.

Compliance Tutorial - Complete

Why should I complete this Tutorial?

The presence of the Compliance Badge informs clients that an expert is fully aware of the mandatory compliance requirements while working on a consulting project or call. Based on data gathered during our limited rollout of this feature, we noticed that clients are almost twice as likely to engage and hire experts who have earned the expertDB Compliance Badge.

Do note that the Compliance Tutorial and accompanying quiz do not constitute legal advice and do not replace the need to thoroughly review the Terms & Conditions you signed up for upon becoming an expert on expertDB. If still not sure, you should consult with your own attorney to determine your eligibility in becoming an expert on expertDB or prior to working on ir during any particular client project.

The expertDB Team.