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Top 19 Must Read Websites for CIOs in 2017

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This article is part of expertDB‘s showcase series called Select that curates top latest thought pieces, insights, and articles for C-levels.

With the CIOs role ever evolving and changing, every CIO wants to step up their company’s IT game with the emerging technology trends, best practices, insights to draw strategies and learnings to tackle modern industry problems.

expertDB Select compiled a list of top resources – websites, blogs, and magazines to follow that can help CIOs gain the knowledge they need to take the next steps with their organizations.

Must reads

For Latest news, reviews and trends on your favorite technology topics. CIO is a gospel for every tech leader.  on it. CIO provides technology trends & insights, through informative features, opinions, and case studies/analytical reports, and blogs and videos for IT professional development.

Daily Briefing for Technology’s Top Decision-Makers. CIO Today brings together senior information technology executives and industry experts who provide information on corporate management, communication and cooperation and the evolution of technology.

Covers IT News & Trends, IT Strategy, IT Management and Security. CIO Insight is the voice of the CIO community, providing perspectives and analysis from top IT leaders and industry experts to help CIOs think more strategically, identify and solve key problems, and maximize their business leadership skills.

Thought-leadership, management best practice, CXO debate and appointments news for the world’s IT decision-makers.

TechRepublic helps IT decision-makers identify technologies and strategies to empower workers and streamline business processes. The site delivers a unique blend of original content by IT professionals, peer-to-peer advice from the largest community of IT leaders on the Web, and a vast library of professional resources from the leading vendors in the IT industry. TechRepublic features blogs, community forums, vendor white papers, software downloads, Webcasts, and research.

Information Week caters to information technology professionals and managers. The site delivers breaking news, blogs, image galleries, proprietary research and top-notch analysis of IT trends and issues.

Advice, Insight, and Humor For Chief Information Officers and Leaders. Arun Manansingh, the man behind A CIO’s Voice, writes about his experiences.

CIO Journal provides time-pressed CIOs with a definitive destination for the most relevant news and analysis, to help them connect the dots between technology trends and business strategy. Its team of reporters and editors—aided by the resources of Dow Jones and thousands of other premium news sites—focuses on the use of technology as a tool for business growth.

TotalCIO is a forum for enterprise CIOs and other readers of SearchCIO.com. The forum discusses & analyzes IT and business management trends, emerging technologies and other news for IT leaders. It frequently discusses the changing role of a CIO while offering technology management advice, strategies and handpicked best practices.

The future of CIO is digital strategist, global thought leader, and talent master: leading IT to enlighten the customers; enable business success via influence.

The IEEE Computer Society, publishes the IT Professional Magazine to connect with developers and enterprise IT managers. This publication focuses on peer-reviewed, academic research and informative content on a variety of topics from Internet security to system integration.

PC Magazine is the go-to resource for reviews of technology solutions from hardware to security. While it’s not purely role focused, its Features section can provide insights into the competitive landscapes across the technology sector for personal computing that can be carried over to enterprise solutions.

Wired Magazine covers how technology connects to various industries from business to entertainment. It’s a mix of consumer and trade publications, giving insights on trends and the impact of technology on individuals and companies.

MIT Technology Review features a mix of academic research and current events to report on how technology is transforming from education to business to non-profit (and more). It explores innovation, strategy, and development in technology, specifically to business and IT leaders.

The View From Forrester provides best practices and analysis of burning issues and trends impacting Information & Knowledge Management and Infrastructure & Operations professionals. Hosted by ZDNet, this blog features articles on some of the best practices in the industry, analysis of the latest trends and issues in the IT world.

Gartner provides CIOs with the insight they need to succeed.

Forrester’s Blog for CIOs content is “actionable guidance, aligned to your professional role.” The target audience is CIOs, who Forrester believes are one of the key change makers in the technology-empower society.

InfoWorld Tech Blog is a rich repository of experts advice and commentaries for CIOs to gain an in-depth understanding of their industry’s current developments and business trends driven by technology.

Diginomica is a new type of media property designed to serve the interests of enterprise leaders in the digital era. They cover topics under the three broad headings highlighted in our navigation bar above: Digital enterprise, Cloud apps & processes and Technology disruptions.


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