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Top 5 CIO Priorities for 2017

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In a recently conducted poll of top Senior IT executives, to understand what are the top of mind of CIOs, and their agenda in 2017, digital transformation, automation, platform strategies, analytics, cloud migration and cyber-security came up as the top priorities for most CIOs. These are top areas major investments and higher spending will be seen.  We can expect the digitization journeys to get more intense in 2017.

Mobile, social, cloud, big data are some of the building blocks of a digital business but as we enter 2017 the complete picture of a digital business is becoming clear. This transformation has a significant impact on many businesses and this creates a huge opportunity for CIOs.


CIO Agenda


Chief Information Officers of some of the renowned organizations in various stages of digital transformation highlighted their strategies for a future-ready organization.

Let’s look at what five CIOs discussed with about their big plans for the New Year.

1. Jay Ferro, CIO of Earthlink, remains focused on Earthlink’s crucial push into software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN), which the company views as the next frontier for growth as corporate customers move toward cloud migrations. He is still phasing out 20-year-old applications rolled up from acquisitions EarthLink made over the years. Ferro says the combination will help him tackle technology choice challenges.

2. Michael Giresi, CIO of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines,  is refactoring Royal’s entire application architecture along with integrating augmented reality and RFID tagging. Giresi says that he’s figured out which apps he wants to continue to use and which ones to discontinue. However, the bigger challenge is in execution; to complete the work without disrupting the customer experience.

3.Rhonda Gass, CIO of Stanley Balck & Decker is looking at employee productivity as the top agenda, while supporting customer initiatives, including internet of things (IoT) capabilities for the company’s tools and other hardware.Standardizing business software stands out as essential for Stanley’s digital transformation, which is one the broader objectives at Stanley.

4. Bob Worrall, CIO of Juniper Networks states adoption of cloud migration is a must-have for staying market relevant, and increasing spend on emerging technologies in predictive and behavioral analytics. He expects to complete a transition to the cloud that began before he arrived at Juniper Networks in 2015. He estimates the company will be fully in the cloud by June, a remarkable feat for a market player like Juniper. Worrall also says he’s looking to automate corporate business processes, including anything from automatic password resets and onboarding new employees.

5. Sanjib Sahoo, CIO of  XPO Logistics, says the main strategy includes automating several business processes and building a holistic platform ecosystem for its shipping and carrier customers. In 2017, Sahoo plans to construct an API-based platform that will expose useful logistics data to XPO’s shipper and carrier customers.Sahoo is creating different “streams of IT,” conforming to the bimodal or multi-modal approach many CIOs are taking. Some IT workers will focus on cultivating innovation while others will be maintaining and supporting XPO’s core IT.


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