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expertDB is an end-to-end marketplace and platform for companies to short-term hire industry & functional experts for calls and projects

Create Project

A client user starts the process by creating a confidential project, which may be a deliverable or call. The client would then be notified of potential expert matches, categorized by strength of match, for the stated requirements.

Assess mutual fit

The matched client or expert may then initiate a chat via the expertDB workspace. Users utilize this avenue to assess mutual fit in terms of skill set, expert hourly fee, and availability.

Hire Experts

Once the client and expert have agree on mutual fit, the client issues a hire offer for the expert, stating the project terms and expected deliverables. A client may hire multiple experts for a project.

Manage Project Work

Following the expert’s acceptance of the issued hire offer, he/she may begin logging hours of completed work via the expertDB Submission Log. The client may use this information to assess progress and clarify any queries.

Pay Securely

The client would be charged for the expert’s logged hours on a weekly basis, and hold the amount until it is cleared for payout to the expert at the end of the month.

What must I know as an expert?

Do I need to to pay to join expertDB?

No. expertDB is absolutely free to join, and does not charge subscription fees. Experts are charged 10% commission on the amount earned from projects.

How does billing work?

Once hired, your client is billed according to the project hours you have logged. You set your own hourly rate, or negotiate the hourly rate on a per project basis.

How do I get paid?

You will be sent 90% of total project earnings at the end of every month in Singapore Dollars via Paypal (expertDB keeps a 10% fee), and you will be subject to additional Paypal fees & applicable forex fees. Intl wire transfer payout is an option for payouts above $1000.

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